Florida Department of Law Enforcement is Presented with the LEIU Chairman’s Award

(From Left to Right) Van Godsey, LEIU General Chairman; Commissioner Richard Swearingen, Florida Department of Law Enforcement; and Ryan Burchnell, LEIU Eastern Zone Chairman

The Office of Statewide Intelligence (OSI) was created by the FDLE in 1996 to specifically address the need for a preemptive strategy to that state’s varied criminal elements and trends. Information and intelligence from OSI helps to ensure that FDLE’s investigative resources are directed toward emerging crime threats and those with the most potential impact to Florida. FDLE has been a long time member and supporter of LEIU programs and policies.

OSI plays a primary role in the planning and direction, analysis, reporting, and evaluation of FDLE intelligence products. OSI is the core of the Florida Fusion Center, which functions as the state hub for local, state and federal intelligence exchange on all crimes. OSI helps to support other programs within FDLE by coordinating and unifying intelligence processes for the Department.

The OSI consists of focus teams. Each team interacts with regional intelligence units and state, local, and federal agencies to monitor issues that could affect the state:

  • Florida Investigative Support Center (FISC)
  • Collection and Development
  • Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Center (CTIC)
  • Financial Crimes Analysis Center (FCAC)
  • Research and Analysis Unit (RAU)
  • Focus Area Inspectors/Agents
  • Regional Intelligence Agents