Seven LEIU Agencies Reach 50 Years of Continuous Membership Milestone!

The Executive Board of the Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIU) extends its congratulations to the seven agencies who celebrated their 50 continuous years of membership in LEIU! The four agencies shown below, the Anaheim Police Department, the Garden Grove Police Department, the Ontario Provincial Police, and the Torrance Police Department were recognized during the LEIU Awards Ceremony in Phoenix, Arizona on May 7, 2015. Representatives from the following three agencies were unable to attend the Awards Ceremony: the Des Moines (IA) Police Department, the Medford (OR) Police Department, and the San Antonio (TX) Police Department. In 1965, these agencies made a commitment to increasing their professionalism in the law enforcement intelligence community and to become a part of a network of like-minded departments. LEIU was established in 1956 as a means for state and local agencies to share confidential information on organized, traveling criminals. From its 26 original charter member agencies, LEIU rapidly gained membership and influence as the only organization filling this critical need and has since become a leader in the field of criminal intelligence. Today, with 200 member agencies in 2 countries, LEIU remains the only organization of its kind to promote the professional trust, training, and communication required to facilitate the lawful and ethical sharing and use of criminal intelligence among law enforcement agencies. The foresight, commitment, and continued support these agencies has shown through the years have been instrumental to LEIU’s success.