Kylie Dickneite

Gaming Agency Liaison
Criminal Intelligence Anlayst

Missouri Gaming Commission/Missouri State Highway Patrol

Kylie M. Dickneite has been employed as a criminal intelligence analyst with the Missouri Gaming Commission since 2007. During her tenure as the Missouri Gaming Intelligence Analyst, she has been responsible for creating and maintaining an efficient and effective gaming intelligence operation, working as a liaison between the Missouri Gaming Commission, Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Gaming Division and the Missouri Information Analysis Center. Kylie maintains continuity of the intelligence function between these three agencies and has contributed to numerous successes in carrying out their missions. Kylie regularly facilitates and coordinates gaming-related intelligence and investigative information between multiple state and federal agencies. Kylie became a member of the IALEIA/LEIU in 2007, and has been an active participant in the National Gambling Intelligence Sharing Group (NGISG). Kylie has fifteen years of experience in Law Enforcement, obtained her Criminal Intelligence Certified Analyst (CICA) in 2015, and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Administration. In 2014, Kylie was selected as the Missouri Gaming Commission’s December Employee of the Month. In 2015, Kylie was selected as the Missouri Department of Public Safety’s April Employee of the Month. In June 2016, Kylie was appointed by the LEIU to serve as an LEIU Executive Board Member - Gaming Liaison. She looks forward to this new endeavor.