Executive Board

LEIU's membership is divided into four geographic "zones." LEIU members in each zone elect one LEIU agency representative to serve as their Zone Chairperson. They also elect another LEIU agency representative to be the Zone Vice-Chairperson. These eight persons form the nucleus of the LEIU Executive Board. In addition to these eight Executive Board members, there are national officers, including the General Chairperson and the Vice General Chairperson, who are elected by the entire membership; the Secretary-Treasure (appointed by the General Chairperson); the Legal Advisor (appointed by the General Chairperson); and the Past General Chairperson. Additionally, in 2004, the Executive Board created the position of an Executive Director who is appointed by the General Chairperson and approved by the other members of the Executive Board. The Executive Director also sits on the Board. Rounding out the Board are the LEIU Coordinator and the LEIU Assistant Coordinator, both from LEIU's Central Coordinating Agency (CCA). The Board's Recording Secretary, from the Los Angeles Police Department, and the Coordinating Secretary, from LEIU's CCA, serve as the administrative staff for the LEIU Executive Board.

The LEIU Executive Board is the governing body for LEIU. Members of LEIU's Executive Board have substantial experience in criminal intelligence management, operations, and training.