Angela Perez

Assistant to the Secretary-Treasurer
Management Analyst II

Los Angeles (CA) Police Department

Ms. Angela Perez was born and raised in Southern California.  Ms. Perez began her public service in 1992 as a Clerk Typist for the Los Angeles Fire Department.  In 1994 Ms. Perez transferred to the Los Angeles Police Department, where she continues to serve.  Ms. Perez' most notable duty assignments have included Specialized Detective Divisions, the Democratic National Convention 2000 Planning Group, Rampart Corruption Task Force, and Area Operations.  In these assignments, Ms. Perez has been commended on numerous occasions for exemplary performance and attention to duty.  Ms. Perez is a well-rounded and career-minded civil servant.  Currently, Ms. Perez is a Management Analyst II assigned to the Major Crimes Division where she maintains a variety of leadership roles including the duties of the LEIU Assistant to the Treasurer.