Critical Thinking Through Writing: Intelligence and Crime Analysis

This is a practical handbook that teaches central skills underlying effective intelligence and crime analysis: the ability to render often fragmentary evidence involving complex issues into brief, clear, concise, and actionable reports. David Cariens, a career CIA analyst, has compiled the text and case studies based on his years of experience in training analysts and law enforcement officers.

Cariens aims to help train analysts to not only write well, but to pick out the most pertinent information from a variety of sources, synthesize it, and communicate it effectively. He also discusses the need for editing, and the appropriate roles of the writer and editor in creating the best possible written product. Cariens points out that writing intelligence and crime analysis is an ethically charged endeavor that can require writers to make difficult calls and take unpopular stands for what they believe in. He offers clear guidelines to handle this pressure and case studies to illustrate his points. This book provides writers with the tools they need to make their writing count.

"Critical Thinking Through Writing: Intelligence and Crime Analysis" is currently available through,, and other retailers. It is also available directly from the author by emailing: