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Establish or enhance your agency’s criminal intelligence function.

LEIU Affiliation

  • Known reputation for providing leadership in the field since 1956
  • Connectivity with other associations, including IACP, NFCA, ASCIA, NSA, MCCA, MCSA
  • Representation on the distinguished Criminal Intelligence Coordinating Council
  • Founding member of the U.S. Department of Justice Global Intelligence Working Group
  • Your voice for criminal justice and homeland security at the national level

Professional Standards

  • Recommended by the premier National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan
  • Foster a commitment to ethical service
  • Best practices and considerations for new intelligence units/functions
  • LEIU-authored publications, guides, and advice
  • 28 CFR Part 23 and intelligence file guidelines
  • Privacy, civil liberties, and constitutional rights training
  • Assistance with auditing
  • Q&A with LEIU legal advisor
  • Sample job descriptions


  • Discounts on annual training event, FIAT courses, Intelligence Officer Course, and more
  • Guides for investigators, analysts, supervisors, and more

Networking and Information-Sharing

  • Membership roster with intelligence officer contacts
  • Communicate with counterparts across North America
  • Q&A forums and frequently asked questions
  • National Gambling Intelligence Sharing Group
  • National Corrections/Custodial Intelligence Sharing Group
  • National intelligence reports
  • Job postings for intelligence professionals

Corporate Partners

  • Identify potential vendors to suit your agency’s needs
  • Member-only eligibility for unique offers

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