Executive Board

Our Executive Board is the governing body for LEIU, discharging its duties within the scope of the association bylaws and with the utmost integrity. 

The Executive Director, appointed by the General Chairperson and approved by the Executive Board, is the principal administrator and maintains operational oversight for LEIU. 

The General Chairperson and Vice General Chairperson are national officer positions elected by all association membership, whereas member agencies in their geographical region elect both a Zone Chairperson and Zone Vice Chairperson, who must be current representatives of a member agency.

Other positions are appointed by the General Chairperson and approved by the board.

Our Central Coordinating Agency is the California Department of Justice, which provides administrative support for the association.

Board members bring a diverse array of knowledge and perspectives to represent our member agencies, and the profession. Get involved, represent your agency, and help LEIU fulfill its core efforts!