Brian Gray

Brian Gray
Training Advisor
Riverside County Sheriff's Department, Retired

Brian Gray has over 30 years of experience in Crime and Intelligence Analysis. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and was certified as a Crime and Intelligence Analyst by the California Department of Justice and California State University, Fullerton.  After serving almost three decades, Mr. Gray retired from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and has led one of the most successful law enforcement analytical units in the United States.   

Currently, Mr. Gray serves on the Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIU) Executive Board as the Training Advisor and assists with auditing intelligence units across the United States. 

Mr. Gray has an extensive teaching resume. He is an instructor in the most esteemed Crime and Intelligence Certification Program, where he teaches three different classes: “Basic Elements of Criminal Intelligence,” “Criminal Intelligence Analysis”, and “Computer Applications for the Crime and Intelligence Analyst.”   Mr. Gray also offers practical courses for crime and intelligence analysts, which enhance on-the-job efficiency.