Hosting Or Attending A FIAT In Your Area


We are looking for additional locations to host FIAT classes in 2023 and beyond.

FIAT is always looking for agencies willing to host an "open" course which IALEIA and LEIU can advertise to its members and the law enforcement intelligence community. This is a great way to bring the course to your area. Minimum registration is 15 students and registration closes once a class has reached its limit of 24; however, individuals may still have their name added to the waiting listing in the event of cancellations. The host agency will receive one free seat if they have purchased at least two seats in the class. 

A host agency may also request a "closed" class. The host of a closed course is financially responsible for the full cost of at least 15 students, up to a limit of 24 students. Host of a close class determines who will be allowed to attend.

Host agencies for both types of courses are asked to provide the training rooms with specified technology requirements and an agency point of contact responsible for planning, registrations, and on-site coordination.

Any agency or organization interested in FIAT is encouraged to contact the FIAT Program Manager in order to obtain additional information, including course scheduling.


Click the Upcoming FIAT Classes link on this page to decide what courses are available to you. If all courses are currently full and you would like to be notified by email of an open seat, please contact Bob Morehouse at and ask to be added to our notification list. FIAT coordinators are always working to schedule courses. Please continue to monitor this site for courses with openings.


The costs associated with each course will be determined based on the estimated expenses related to the training session. LEIU and IALEIA members will receive a discount on the registration cost.

For further details contact the FIAT Program Manager at